Facilities available to external users:


Physical Properties Measurement System (PPMS)

Differential Scanning Calorimeter - Q200 from TA Instruments

FT Raman spectrometer with variable temperature (-150 oC to 100 oC); contact michel.johnson@dal.ca


Facilities at other locations:


We are users of facilities in colleagues' labs within Dalhousie and also in National Laboratories, including:


X-ray diffraction

Sputtering (Combinatorial materials preparation)

Thermogravimetric Analysis

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Transmission Electron Microscopy

NMR Spectroscopy

Inelastic Neutron Scattering




Physical Properties Measurement System (PPMS)

The PPMS allows rapid characterization of thermal (heat capacity, thermal conductivity), electrical and magnetic properties of materials. Follow this link for details.



TA Instruments Q-200 Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC)

Follow this link for details.



CTRI Facilities for Materials Characterization

Click here to see all the equipment managed by the Institute for Research in Materials in various locations at Dalhousie.