We believe that presenting research is as important as doing it. Therefore, we offer the following as helpful information for those who wish to communicate their scientific results.

               "There is a great deal of art in creating something that seems artless".

                                  - Janet and Isaac Asimov, "How to Enjoy Writing"


Comments for writing a thesis by Mary Anne White: link

Notes on writing a paper by Mary Anne White: link

A few pointers on seminars by Mary Anne White: link

A tutorial on how to use automatic reference numbers in Word, written by our 2013 summer students (Jacy Conrad, John Niven and Anderson Pereira): link

An article on writing scientific papers, by Professor George Whitesides: link

On the use of italic and roman fonts, from IUPAC: link

The IUPAC Gold Book, which indicates what symbols should be used for what quantities: link

Chemical Abstract abbreviations of journals: link

 "What's wrong with these equations?" by N. David Mermin link

How to make a better graph: link

Writing pointers from MagKNOWlia: link



A tutorial on how to use Rietica by Jan Poehls: link


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