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During Mary Anne’s visit to MIT in the November, 2007, she met with Rong Sun, an MSc graduate from our group and now a PhD candidate at MIT in Materials Science. This photo shows Rong in his lab.


During Mary Anne’s visit to the University of Calgary in October, 2007, she had a chance to meet with several former students. L-R: Dr. Doug MacLaren (PhD with MAW, 2003; now Business Advisor: Lubricants and Specialties, Imperial Oil, Calgary); Dr. Hubert Fortier (PhD with Jeff Dahn, 2007; now Scientist with Imperial Oil, Sarnia, Ontario); Dr. Rob Marriott (PhD with MAW, 2004; now Research Scientist & Project Manager, Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd., Calgary).


While in Malta to attend “Negative Materials - Fourth International Workshop on Auxetics and Related Systems”, Mary Anne met a Dalhousie Chemistry alumnus, Dr. Dino Mangion (PhD, organic chemistry, 2001). Dino is now Head of R&D at Medichem Manufacturing (Malta) Ltd., and Medichem was the sponsor of the public session in which Mary Anne spoke. L-R: Dr. Dino Mangion; Dr. Joseph Grima (Associate Professor, University of Malta and Conference Chair); Professor Juanito Camilleri (Rector of the University of Malta; also a chemist).


Professor Angus Wilkinson, Georgia Tech, visiting our lab in July 2007


Relaxing at Mary Anne's cottage (July 2007)


Dr. Suzanne Fortier, President of NSERC, Dr. Eliot Phillipson, President of the Canada Foundation for Innovation, learn about the PPMS from Mike Johnson. (February 2007)


Training on the new TA Instruments DSC. (February 2007)


Professor Julie Boerio-Goates, Brigham Young University, visiting our lab. (February 2007)


The group makes liquid nitrogen ice cream at a Chemistry Department barbeque. (July 2006)


Mike Jakubinek loads a sample into the Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS) for thermal conductivity measurements. (May 2006)